Are There Surveys That Pay?

Most consumers are unaware of an opportunity for them to earn extra income and other rewards by helping companies that do market research. While many consumers know that there are companies doing market research, they don’t know that these companies want to engage with them and make the consumer an active part of the process. More importantly, consumers don’t know that these companies are willing to pay them for their input. Companies producing consumer goods and services typically commission specialist market research panels to gather a variety of data on consumers. One of the methods of gathering this data is by means of conducting surveys that pay the consumer to share their information.

What Information are These Surveys Looking for?

Information that companies are interested in includes metrics with technical names such as Net Promoter Scores, Customer Effort Scores and Customer Satisfaction Scores. All that this really means is that you as a consumer are asked to share information about your day-to-day consumer activities – what products you buy, where you shop, how happy you are with the products you buy and what attracts you to a certain product as opposed to another similar offering.
Online surveys that pay are an efficient way for these companies to engage with you and understand your experience as a consumer. All that is required from you is some of your time. The questionnaires are easy to complete and you are usually rewarded for the amount of time you need to invest. In other words, the more time a survey takes to complete, the better you’ll be paid. Payment may be airtime, gift cards or shopping vouchers. Surveys that pay reward you for your opinion on consumer goods and services that you use anyway so very little effort on your part is required. If you have a smart device and internet access, you are ready to start completing questionnaires right now!

Companies Need Consumers Just Like You

Your opinion is valuable to consumer goods-producing companies, so they are happy to reward you for it. The market research panels appointed to gather data on their behalf have taken great care to streamline the dialogue between the consumer goods-producing companies and you, the consumer. Online, electronic surveys are designed to be as easy and convenient to complete as possible with some form of reward being offered to encourage you to spend the time and to thank you for your willingness to participate. It’s really easy. Join up and take surveys that pay. There are plenty of questionnaires offering rewards, from airtime and gift cards to shopping vouchers and cash.

Make Your Voice Heard

Completing questionnaires not only gives you a reward for providing your experiences and opinions, but it allows you to have a say in the decisions made by consumer goods-producing companies. If improving the product, or the way that it is presented to you, encourages you to buy it over a competitor offering, companies are likely to make the changes you would like to see. The fast-moving consumer goods marketplace is far from static. The market is dynamic which means there is an ongoing requirement to understand your needs as a consumer. This means there will always be surveys that pay you to participate.
Join an established and respected market research panel, such as MobiWorkX, and make money online in South Africa. With online surveys that pay, participation is free, and rewards are guaranteed.