How to Make Money Online in South Africa

Why would someone ask the person on the street to take an online survey that pays? Nigeria is widely viewed as the most important consumer marketplace in Africa making it of particular interest and importance to consumer goods producers. Companies in the entertainment and media (E&M) sector as well as those producing fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) want to keep a finger on the pulse of the Nigerian marketplace on an ongoing basis.
In modern society, most people are consumers. As a consumer, you possess information that is of value to the companies that manufacture and market consumer goods or offer consumer services. Companies producing consumer goods or offering consumer services are looking for data from users of their products and services in order to enhance the manner in which they price, package and present their product offering.
Many consumers are unaware that the need for data on their shopping behaviour presents them with an opportunity to earn an extra income and other valuable rewards by helping companies to collect this data. Companies producing consumer goods brief specialist market research panels to gather data on various aspects of the consumer marketplace on their behalf. So, market research panels create a continuous dialogue between them and the Nigerian consumer.
The answer to the initial question, “why would someone ask the person on the street to take an online survey that pays in Nigeria?” is that it’s the easiest, most accurate and most efficient means of gathering data on shoppers’ behaviour.

Creating a Win-Win Scenario for Everyone Involved

The importance of gathering consumer data encourages consumer goods-producing companies to allocate resources and money to ensure that they are supplied with ongoing, up-to-date information. If there was nothing in it for the consumer, then why would they bother to take the time to share their information? This explains why the word “pays” appears in the request for you to complete an online survey that pays in Nigeria.
Your opinions and experiences as a regular shopper and consumer of products and services are valuable and you get well rewarded for being willing to share them. Everyone benefits! What’s better is that communication in the digital age is straightforward.
Smartphones and other smart devices allow most people to easily access and complete an online survey that pays in Nigeria. In fact, it allows them to do so as a regular part of their daily routine giving them the opportunity to generate a continuous stream of rewards and cash. There is no reason why you can’t sign up for an online survey that pays in Nigeria today.
Registering with a reputable market research panel, like MobiWorkX, is quick, simple and safe. Surveys are focused on Nigerian consumers making the questions easy to answer. Taking an online survey that pays is becoming more and more popular as consumers realise that it’s a quick and convenient way of earning cash, gift vouchers, airtime and a variety of other rewards for the investment of a little time and knowledge.

What information does an online survey that pays ask for?

Consumer goods-producing companies want data on consumer behaviour which, in practice, amounts to nothing more than them asking you to share information about your day-to-day shopping activities. What products do you buy? Which retail or wholesale outlets do you shop at? Are you satisfied with the products you buy? What attracts you to a certain product as opposed to the same or similar product from another company? An online survey that pays gives you the chance to engage with the companies that manufacture the items you use all the time. Not only are you rewarded for engaging but you can provide feedback that may improve your experience and the experience of others with the brand in the future.
You hold opinions on the brands you use while doing your regular grocery or clothes shopping. You know what you like and what you don’t like. Shopping on a regular basis allows you to form detailed opinions about the retail and wholesale operations you encounter. You know whether you’re happy with the cost of goods or services and you may even have an idea of what you would like changed to make the consumer experience better.

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