Complete Surveys & Earn Gift Cards

“Time is money,” said Benjamin Franklin in 1748. If it was true then, it is even more so in our busy modern lives. Accepting that your time is valuable is the reason why MobiWorkX always rewards you when they ask you to spend some of your time. More importantly, you have expertise that adds even greater value to your time. Expertise that you are, more than likely, unaware of and that could benefit you directly with very little effort on your part. What is this expertise? Nearly everyone shops, whether for food and clothes or electronic goods such as cell phones. You are a consumer of goods and services and how, where and why you shop the way you do is very valuable information. If you share your valuable information with MobiworkX, they will be happy to reward you for your time. Complete surveys & earn gift cards and other valuable rewards.
Surveys have been around for decades but gone are the days of you being accosted at the mall entrance by a student asking you to complete a survey that wasted your time and gave you no benefit at all. MobiWorkX’s online platform allows you to complete surveys & earn gift cards using the idle time you have such as sitting in a taxi or on a bus. Anyone can convert spare time into valuable rewards. Waiting at the airport, complete surveys & earn gift cards. Sitting in the waiting room to see your doctor or dentist, complete surveys & earn gift cards

Marketing Companies Value Consumers Just Like You

In a competitive market, with lots of companies competing for your hard-earned cash, understanding what it is that you are looking for can give companies a critical advantage. There is no better way to understand consumer behaviour than asking you, the consumer, why you make the buying decisions that you do. Gathering information based on your actual everyday spending on clothes, food, cleaning products, appliances, and all the other things you spend your money on, helps companies make the shopping environment better for you.
Companies need as much accurate, ongoing information about the products and services you make use of and encounter in everyday life as possible. The good news is that they are willing to pay for it. Companies want you to complete surveys & earn gift cards and other valuable rewards. All you need is a smart device and an internet connection and you are good to go.

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