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Nigeria has one of the biggest internet economies in Africa and the Nigerian digital marketplace is flourishing. As Africa’s largest population and one of the youngest in the world, Nigeria has an enormous digital audience. Nigeria is an African leader in network coverage, with a good infrastructure for mobile connectivity. Internet penetration is already around 70% and is increasing steadily.
Nigeria is thought to have between 25 and 40 million smartphone users resulting in mobile devices being used to access the internet more frequently than desktop devices. In 2019, over 70% of users accessed the internet via their mobile devices. This share was even higher for online marketplace visits. This means that most Nigerian consumers can access the internet. If you are one of the millions of Nigerian consumers who have a smart device and internet access, you are in a position to complete surveys for vouchers and other rewards.

Surveys for Vouchers are Available Right Now

Leading consumer goods-producing companies are willing to reward consumers who provide them with information on their shopping habits. These companies need to understand their customers in as much detail as possible in order to compete in the marketplace as effectively as possible. For instance, they want to know what the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is on consumer spending. Marketing companies appointed by consumer goods companies conduct online surveys to answer these questions. You, the consumer, are asked to complete online surveys for vouchers and other rewards to encourage you to participate.
One such online survey, conducted in 2020 and 2021, revealed that 81% of consumers in Nigeria are doing more of their shopping online since the beginning of the pandemic. Particularly buying more groceries and clothing items online. Surveys for vouchers are completed all the time by smart consumers who have discovered this easy way to get rewards and earn an extra income. Surveys for vouchers are easy to complete. Questions are about your shopping habits and choices. All that is required from you is some of your time to complete a simple online activity.

Consumers Like You Help Companies Predict Trends

The dialogue between companies and consumers provided by online surveys for vouchers and other rewards give companies a very large data set that allows the company in question to track trends and even predict possible future consumer behaviour. The relatively low cost and ease of generation of large volumes of data make incentivising you to take electronic surveys for vouchers and other rewards a no-brainer. Companies gladly reward you for your time and willingness to participate. It’s really that simple. Join up to take surveys for vouchers and reap the rewards. Earn rewards in the form of airtime, shopping vouchers, and even cash.
Data gathered from several sources, including online surveys for vouchers, reveals that Nigeria, with a 12.1% compound annual growth rate, will be the world’s fastest-growing entertainment and media (E&M) market over the coming five years. This information is vital to a company providing goods or services in the E&M sector. Companies need to understand how consumers want to experience and pay for E&M offerings so they understand how to produce and distribute them. This is also vital in order to build businesses and brands that attract active, high-value consumers loyal to their brand.
When you complete surveys for vouchers and other rewards you become part of the consumer goods provider-consumer dialogue. Not only are you rewarded for sharing your knowledge about products and services you encounter and make use of daily, but you’re also helping improve the shopping experience in Nigeria.

There are Many Surveys for Vouchers Available

Consumer goods companies have a constant need for large volumes of accurate up-to-date data on consumer preferences and behaviour. For most retailers and fast-moving consumer goods companies (FMCGs), consistent customer engagement helps keep their brands and product offerings relevant, especially during turbulent times such as the Covid pandemic. This is great news for you! You can fill out surveys for vouchers anywhere and there are lots of them available. As long as you have a smart device and an internet connection and you can apply your mind to answer the questionnaire accurately, you can earn rewards.

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