Earn by Completing Surveys?

Yes, it is entirely possible to earn cash and other rewards in Nigeria for simply completing online questionnaires. Rewards you can easily earn by completing surveys include; discounts on products, free airtime, shopping vouchers, gift cards and cash. Most consumers know that companies do market research, but it’s an activity that seldom touches their day-to-day lives. This is ironic because the person that consumer goods companies would most like to get to know is you, the consumer.
The average person on the street doesn’t know that, as a consumer, they have a valuable role to play in market research. Consumer goods companies need to know things like; how likely are you to recommend their product to others? How easy is it for you to interact with their sales and aftersales people? How satisfied were you with the product or service you bought from their company? These are not difficult questions. These are things that you experience in your normal daily activities. Earn by completing surveys that answer these simple questions and provide consumer goods companies with feedback. The feedback helps them improve your experience with their products. As you can see, the time and effort involved in completing a questionnaire are minimal, but the information is valuable. Companies are more than happy to pay for it.

Companies Want to Know About Consumers Like You

You can now earn by completing surveys conveniently and efficiently. Gone are the days of filling in forms stuck to clipboards. Gone are the lengthy telephone calls, usually at the least convenient time, canvassing you about your consumer experiences. Gone are the days when research companies expected you to use your time to help them for nothing! If you have a smart device and airtime, you can earn by completing surveys. Best of all, this can happen in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient for you. In fact, the online questionnaires can be completed anywhere when you have time to apply your mind to the simple questions. All that the market research panel (the marketing company appointed by a consumer goods-producing client) requires from you is an honest, accurate response to the questions asked in the questionnaire.

Do I Qualify to Earn by Completing Surveys?

Campaigns are targeted at specific demographic groups so there are questionnaires for anyone in Nigeria, irrespective of age (provided you are 18 years or older), gender or any other consideration. There is luckily an ongoing need for consumer input, so there is plenty of opportunity for everyone. You can start today and consistently earn by completing surveys.
Become a proactive consumer. Get paid for your personal knowledge about the products and services you make use of. Improve not only your own shopping experience but the shopping experiences of your community by letting consumer goods-producing companies know what you like and dislike about their product offering.
Not even the global Covid pandemic stopped people from shopping. Families still needed to eat, clean themselves and their homes and clothe themselves. Proactive consumer goods companies are looking for ways to enhance consumers’ shopping experience in spite of the pandemic. Nigeria is no exception in this regard. Nigeria is widely considered the most important consumer marketplace on the African continent. Despite the turbulent times caused by Covid-19, you can still earn by completing surveys. Be rewarded while contributing to how the consumer narrative unfolds in Nigeria.

Your Opinion is “Gold” to Many Companies

The sheer size of the Nigerian marketplace attracts the leading global brands and these companies want to know how best to compete in the Nigerian market with its unique consumers. These companies appoint reputable market research panels, like MobiWorkX, to conduct consumer surveys on their behalf.
Inevitably, consumers form opinions about brands and products as they do their regular shopping. What they like and what they don’t. Shopping is an activity that everyone is involved in in one form or another. Consumers quickly develop detailed opinions about the cost of goods and services, the quality of these products and what value they represent. Earn by completing surveys and sharing your unique consumer experiences.

Join MobiWorkX Online Today

MobiWorkX is a leading market research panel currently operating in Nigeria. Members earn by completing surveys that pay on a regular basis. You can also get in on this great opportunity by signing up with MobiWorkX today, completing questionnaires and earning a variety of great rewards.