Have You Heard of Paid Surveys?

MMost of the large multinational producers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) are represented in the well-established South African consumer marketplace. Although the South African consumer market is relatively mature, it is also extremely competitive. The competitive nature of the South African market makes it critical that the companies producing goods or providing services keep abreast of consumer preferences and trends. To optimise sales, companies need to very quickly identify changes in the needs and preferences of the South African shopper. Understanding exactly what they think of products or services and what are looking for often represents the difference between gaining or losing market share and consequently gaining or losing revenue.
Before the advent of the internet and smartphones, more people were aware of market research companies’ activities because consumer questionnaires and polls were done manually. People, usually students, would stand outside a supermarket with clipboards, and try to convince passersby to complete surveys. This was tedious, time consuming and inefficient. There was no incentive for consumers who had to commit their time to complete the forms.
These companies turn to professional market research panels, like MobiWorkX, to keep track of consumer behaviour and to test advertising or concepts on their behalf. Market research panels want consumers’ opinions on their clients’ products or services and offer online market surveys to get consumer feedback.
With most consumers living busy modern lives, with little time to spare, MobiWorkX acknowledges your time is valuable and thus makes it worth your while by offering you rewards for taking part in surveys. Consumer goods-producing companies invest in ongoing market research and because they value consumer feedback are more than willing to provide money so that you get paid to answer surveys. The opportunity to get paid to answer surveys is ongoing as the dynamic nature of the consumer market means that it needs to be constantly monitored.

It’s incredibly easy to get paid to answer surveys

Nearly everyone in today’s society is a consumer as they shop for goods and services on a daily basis. As a regular shopper, your opinion is valued and is worth money or some form of reward. Surveys pay in a variety of ways, including cash, shopping vouchers, free airtime, and gift vouchers.
Leading market research panels like MobiWorkX have created, and streamlined, a dialogue between company and consumer. This formalised and convenient online system allows consumers to get paid to answer surveys making it worthwhile for them to participate. When you sign up to complete surveys, you’ll be provided with a steady stream of opportunities to get paid to answer surveys. Turn “idle time" into “earning time” anywhere that your smartphone can access the internet.

Join MobiWorkX to Earn Today

At MobiWorkX, we provide great rewards for the time and effort our members put in to complete surveys, but we make sure that it is convenient and easy. Our members can view the surveys that are available every day to see where they qualify to earn cash and other rewards. Signing up with MobiWorkX only takes a few minutes online and you can participate immediately to start earning rewards.
MobiWorkX is an established company, we also have representation in several other African countries. We proudly collaborate with a long list of customer companies that trust us to collect and compile feedback on the consumer markets in which they operate. Join us today and see why so many South African shoppers are reaping rewards as they get paid to answer surveys.