Have You Heard of Paid Surveys?

Market research panels do continuous research on behalf of consumer goods-manufacturing companies whose products we use virtually every day. This is true for the emerging Kenyan consumer market even though many people are unaware of this.
Before the advent of the internet and smartphones, more people were aware of market research companies’ activities because consumer questionnaires and polls were done manually. People, usually students, would stand outside a supermarket with clipboards, and try to convince passersby to complete surveys. This was tedious, time consuming and inefficient. There was no incentive for consumers who had to commit their time to complete the forms.
Fortunately, things have progressed since then. In the digital age, getting feedback from the consumer has become a simple online activity. Consumers can sit quietly in their homes whenever they have a free moment and apply their minds to completing a consumer survey.
Paid surveys have become commonplace. They incentivise the consumer to invest their valuable time to complete the survey questionnaire. Paid surveys encourage more consumers to participate, so a greater volume of data is gathered more rapidly. The quality of the information is also generally better because paid surveys are completed when it suits the participant, and they are also rewarded for their input.
The system is structured to provide companies producing consumer goods and services virtually direct contact with their consumers by making it easy and rewarding for them to participate. Luckily, there are paid surveys available in Kenya too. The easiest and most efficient way for market research companies to engage with consumers and ask them about their impressions of the consumer market is by means of paid surveys. This provides the opportunity for you to participate and make money online. The questionnaires are easy to complete as they contain basic questions that are simple to answer because they concern the everyday activities that consumers are involved in. Kenyan consumers can also make money or receive other rewards for their opinion.

How Do You Get Involved?

Market research panels offer paid surveys that you do online for a variety of rewards, such as cash, airtime, shopping vouchers and gift cards. All you need to do is share details about your shopping habits, your likes, dislikes and preferences in respect of the products and services you see and use daily. By providing your feedback, you get rewarded for sharing information about your day-to-day consumer activities. The information you provide may help improve your shopping experience as well as the experiences of your fellow Kenyan consumers.
Kenya is a relatively new consumer market with its own unique characteristics that sets it apart from any other market. Market research panels want to understand how Kenyans experience the products that their clients manufacture (the fast-moving consumer goods producers). Without consumer feedback, market research panels cannot advise their clients on the best strategies to increase their market share and compete against the products offered by their competitors. By providing online surveys in Kenya, an online dialogue can be established directly with the consumer.
Modern market research panels like MobiWorkX have made participating in paid surveys extremely simple and accessible. They have streamlined the process of dialogue between the company and consumer giving you the opportunity to get paid for your time and willingness to participate.
Consumer goods companies have an ongoing need for up-to-date data on consumer behaviour and preferences. The consumer marketplace is dynamic and changes all the time, so the availability of paid surveys is not going to run out. There will always be work for those who join and earn in this way. As long as you have a smart device and an internet connection, nothing is stopping you from joining to take paid surveys today!

Join MobiWorkX Today

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