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Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and its various restrictions, consumers are still shopping. They still need to look after themselves and their families and need to buy and make use of various products to allow them to do this. As such, consumer goods-producing companies still need to follow market trends and consumer behaviour to remain competitive. To gather the data needed, these companies incentivise consumers by offering money or other rewards for their time and willingness to participate. Nigeria is no exception to this.
As the largest consumer market on the African continent, Nigeria is influential in determining the nature of consumerism in Africa. A powerful tool for engaging with consumers to poll what they’re thinking has been online surveys for money and other rewards. These questionnaires have now become commonplace in the country. The fact, that the vast majority of Nigerians can access the internet on their phones has made participating in online surveys for money and other rewards easily accessible. Local consumers can now take a quick survey on their phones while riding in a bus or taxi or relaxing in the privacy of their own homes.

Surveys are Available Today

Do you have a smartphone and internet access? If so, you too can share your opinion by taking online surveys for money or other rewards. The really good news is that you, as a Nigerian consumer, have experiences of and opinions on the marketplace that consumer goods companies want you to share with them. Nothing stops you from signing up today to start receiving questionnaires for money and other rewards that are focused on your consumer experiences. MobiWorkX, as a reputable market research panel has a large variety of online surveys for money aimed at different demographics and sectors in the marketplace. These are carefully compiled to make them as easy as possible to complete. The process is convenient and streamlined and, best of all, everybody involved wins.

Do You Really Get Paid for Completing Surveys?

Online surveys for money and other rewards offered by MobiWorkX are not a scam. You have what leading market research panels want, so we incentivise you to participate. If you sign up to complete questionnaires for money or other rewards, you’ll receive a steady stream of questionnaires to complete each of which carries its own rewards. For some, you are rewarded in cash and for others, you can get airtime or vouchers upon completion.
Your opinions not only earn you rewards but have the potential to improve your consumer experience by making the consumer goods companies aware of your needs and preferences. If a large number of respondents share the same opinions, these companies are likely to adapt their offerings accordingly. Online surveys for money or other rewards are already being completed all the time by smart consumers who have cottoned on to this easy access to rewards and extra income. They are simple to complete and questions are about your direct personal experiences. It takes very little effort to go to the MobiWorkX website, set up a profile and start completing online surveys for money and other rewards.

Is There Enough Available?

Luckily, consumer goods companies have an ongoing need for accurate up-to-date data on consumer behaviour and preferences. The consumer marketplace is dynamic and changes subtly all the time. The dialogue between companies and consumers provided by online surveys for money and other rewards is not finite but continuous.
The supply of questionnaires is not going to dry up. This is good news for those looking to start earning this way. You can complete questionnaires anywhere when you have free time and turn ‘idle time’ into ‘earning time’. When you take online surveys for money and other rewards, you become part of the dialogue between consumer goods providers and consumers. Not only are you rewarded for sharing your experience of the consumer retail market and the products and services you encounter, but you are also helping improve the shopping experience for you and your fellow Nigerian consumers.

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MobiWorkX is one of the most respected, reputable and dynamic market research panels in Nigeria. We offer members questionnaires for money and other rewards. Earn airtime, gift vouchers and cash regularly! Make use of this great opportunity by signing up with MobiWorkX right away to start completing online surveys for money and other rewards today.