Cash and Rewards on Offer When Completing Online Surveys

The Covid-19 pandemic with the accompanying lockdowns has put financial strain on many consumers and businesses. Many people lost their jobs or were put on reduced wages. Those working in the tourism and hospitality industries were particularly badly affected. Are you one of many consumers who could desperately use some additional income or any form of financial relief? Online surveys in Kenya may be just what you’ve been looking for.
Kenya is a relatively new consumer market with its own unique characteristics. Market research panels want to understand how the local consumer thinks and behaves toward companies’ products and services so that they can advise these companies on what their consumers really want. By providing online surveys in Kenya, an online dialogue can be established directly between the company and the consumer.

Companies Want to Understand Consumers Like You

Market research panels, like MobiWorkX, encourage you to participate in online surveys in Kenya by giving you the opportunity to earn cash and other rewards for completing questionnaires. Discounts on products, free airtime, shopping vouchers, gift cards and cash are on offer. The feedback that online surveys in Kenya provide helps companies to improve your experience with their products and is aimed at making sure you choose their products instead of a competitor’s offering.

The Questions are Easy to Answer

The questions asked in the questionnaires are not difficult. They will always revolve around your personal experiences as a shopper. For example, what brand of toothpaste do you use? How long have you been using it? What would likely motivate you to change to another brand? As you can see, this is information that you gain from your normal daily consumer activities. By answering these simple questions, you provide consumer goods companies with critical feedback. The effort involved in completing questionnaires is minimal but the information is valuable which explains why this is not a scam. Online surveys in Kenya have become a mainstream and legitimate method of gathering data from local consumers.

Do You Qualify for This Opportunity?

Virtually everyone in our society is a consumer, and consumers above the age of 18 can qualify. Data is required for a broad cross-section of consumers and the market changes all the time. Companies launch new products, rebrand others, or change the type of packaging the product is offered in. What this means for you is that there is always something that consumer goods companies need to ask their consumers about.
If you sign up to take online surveys in Kenya, there are more than enough surveys available for you to earn a continuous stream of rewards. As long as you choose a credible and reputable panel, like MobiWorkX, to engage with, you will earn rewards guaranteed.
MobiWorkX as a professional market research panel is an expert at gathering relevant, detailed and reliable consumer behaviour data and we do this through online surveys. Become a proactive consumer today! Get rewarded for your personal knowledge about and opinions on the consumer goods you make use of every day. Start taking online surveys in Kenya now!

Start Earning Rewards with MobiWorkX

MobiWorkX makes it easy for you to complete online surveys in Kenya for rewards. Go to our website where you will be asked to create a free online profile and answer a few simple questions. The whole process only takes a few minutes and there is no added contribution required from you. Once your profile is registered, watch your inbox for notifications when relevant surveys become available. You will be invited to participate by means of an e-mail invitation. Each invitation gives you an explanation of the topic and describes the kind of rewards on offer for completing the specific survey.
Legitimate market research panels adhere to very strict privacy policies. Your personal information supplied when you join up or while completing questionnaires is kept strictly confidential. Your details are only used for marketing research purposes. Under no circumstances will your information be sold or given to a third party. There should also be no joining fee or other contribution required from you.

Join a Leading Online Market Research Panel

MobiWorkX is one of the most established and innovative market research panels currently operating in Kenya. Our members earn by completing surveys that pay on a regular basis. You can grab hold of this great opportunity by signing up with MobiWorkX today. Complete questionnaires and earn a variety of great rewards by finding us online, joining up, completing questionnaires and earning rewards right away.