Are You Aware There Are Online Surveys That Pay in Kenya?

If you think about it, you would quickly see that modern fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies or companies selling consumer services don’t just launch their products into a marketplace and hope that they do well! Consumer goods and services are only brought to the market after a thorough and exhaustive analysis is done of the market conditions to be targeted. This is particularly important in relatively new or rapidly developing consumer markets such as Kenya.
All modern consumer goods companies set aside substantial budgets for various types of market research every year. This includes provision for ongoing dialogue with consumers to get their opinion on various aspects of the consumer experience in general and of their products in particular. They also conduct brand health tracking, pack testing, concept testing and advert testing.
Kenya is viewed as an important and dynamic African marketplace with huge potential. Consumer goods-producing companies and companies providing consumer services have an urgent need to understand the unique characteristics of the Kenyan market in order to correctly position their product offerings. The need for information is a continuous one as the market is subject to constant change. This is where the need for online surveys that pay in arises.
To get the information they need, companies appoint market research panels to collect data on their behalf. With the advances in connectivity and technology, consumers can now complete online surveys that pay quickly and easily as this is the best method of understanding what they like, dislike and want to see happen in the markets they shop in. Online surveys that pay in Kenya give everyday people an opportunity to earn cash and other rewards by simply sharing their shopper experiences in a simple and accessible way.

Online Surveys That Pay in Kenya Are Easy to Complete

The market research surveys provide such valuable data that it needs to be gathered quickly and easily. It must, however, still be cost-effective to collect and accurate. Professional market research panels, like MobiWorkX, are briefed by consumer goods-producing companies and companies providing consumer services to interface with the consumer and gather the required information.
MobiWorkX is an expert in creating online surveys that ask the right questions and are as easy as possible for participants to complete. Since modern market research happens online via your smartphone or tablet, surveys can be completed anywhere there is internet access and anytime you have a moment to spare. The questions are simple to answer because they revolve around your everyday shopping experiences. So, simply share your opinion by answering the survey questions.
The MobiWorkX online platform offers a fast and accessible route for Kenyans to share their consumer experiences and opinions. This improves local consumerism and allows a broad spectrum of Kenyans to earn a selection of rewards or cash for using some of their time. In four simple steps, you can create a profile, start receiving surveys, complete them and earn rewards for your input. It’s so easy that you can complete several each day. You can ensure that you receive a steady stream of rewards including cash, airtime and shopping vouchers that can be redeemed at a long list of stores and service providers across Kenya.

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At MobiWorkX, we provide fantastic rewards for the time and effort our members put in. Completing our surveys is hassle-free, and members get to view the available questionnaires every day to determine for which ones they’re eligible to earn cash and other rewards.
MobiWorkX is an established presence in Kenya and a number of other African countries. We have a long list of client companies that trust us to collect and compile the feedback they need to position their product offering optimally in the Kenyan market. Since our clients are aware that the market is an ever-changing, dynamic space that needs to be continuously monitored, we make sure to supply you with new surveys regularly so there is no end to this opportunity.
Signing up with MobiWorkX only takes a few minutes and you immediately become eligible to participate and start earning rewards. Join us today and see why so many Kenyans are voicing their opinions in online surveys that pay.