Receive Rewards for Your Opinion

Market research panels encourage consumers to share their valuable opinions on the goods they purchase and use daily. They do this on behalf of consumer goods-producing companies that need consumers’ feedback to ultimately give them products and services that they need and want. This feedback is considered to be so valuable that market research panels offer awesome rewards for those who partake. These include free airtime, gift vouchers, discount vouchers and cash, among others.
No matter who you may be and what occupies your time day-to-day, nearly every Kenyan citizen has visited a shop of some type to buy goods or services of one kind or another. This is the reality of living in a society that is transforming into a nation of consumers. Millions of Kenyans are consumers. The country has a rapidly expanding consumer market fueled by more and more locals migrating from rural areas to towns and cities. Once residents move into the towns and cities, they are more inclined to buy items from third-party vendors.
There is no better way to understand consumer behaviour than to ask consumers what they think directly. In other words, by establishing a direct channel of communication to shoppers, market research panels get to learn their opinions. Once this channel exists, companies can ask a host of questions, such as why you make the buying decisions that you do; or why you support certain outlets and not others.
Consumer goods-producing companies need real information on your actual everyday shopping activities, including clothes, food, cleaning products, appliances, and more. These companies need as much accurate information about the products and services you make use of and encounter in your daily life as possible.

How Do Companies Gather Consumer Data?

Consumer goods-producing companies know that the easiest and most reliable method for learning your opinions as a consumer is to conduct online consumer surveys. The good news is that they are willing to incentivise you for participating in these surveys by offering rewards for your opinion. Companies want you to complete surveys and earn a host of valuable rewards or cash.
All you need to access these rewards is a smart device and an internet connection. This opens up a safe and lucrative opportunity for Kenyans to earn rewards by sharing their opinion in online surveys. Formalised consumer surveys have become mainstream in Kenya. By becoming a member and completing online surveys, you have a say in how the consumer marketplace develops while earning a variety of rewards on offer. The digital age has made consumer surveys easy and accessible to all. Participating members can take a quick survey on their smartphone when they have a free minute sitting on the bus, waiting for a taxi or during their downtime in the comfort of their own homes.
Digital electronic communications have substantially streamlined market research. Smartphones and tablets have enabled more consumers to access online surveys as a regular activity and earn rewards. The really good news is that your opinion is just as valuable as anyone else’s. There is no reason why you can’t sign up and start receiving regular surveys that are focused on Kenyan consumer behaviour. For an investment of some of your free time, you can make your opinion heard and earn rewards.

Do You Really Get Something?

Yes! Modern and well-known market research panels, like MobiWorkX, provide their members with a steady stream of surveys to complete providing a steady source of rewards. Some questionnaires pay in airtime and others pay in an amazing assortment of clothing and luxury service vouchers, but they definitely pay. Smart consumers know that they can sell their opinion for rewards. How much easier could it be?

Join MobiWorkX Online and Share Your Opinion

MobiWorkX is at the pinnacle of market research panels in Kenya. We have made great efforts to elevate market research in several African countries, and online surveys, in particular, to a level of absolute professionalism. Consumer goods-producing companies become MobiWorkX clients precisely because of the streamlined approach and accurate data provided. Maintaining and growing market share in a constantly changing marketplace demands nothing less.
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