Get Paid for Surveys by a Customer Satisfaction Research Company!

The concept of “money for nothing” seems to be too good to be true – and it is! But “money for very little” is indeed possible. MobiWorkX is a survey company that does customer satisfaction research for a variety of clients. To gather information about customers and their levels of satisfaction, it is necessary to engage these customers and ask them some vital questions. We compile questionnaires for our clients, and then send them out to the registered users of our website to answer. This helps us to find information about the demographics, the type of customer, and the types of products they like to purchase.
Here is the good bit – you can earn money or airtime from our survey company by answering a few questions! As long as you have airtime or data on your phone, you can make money for every survey you fill in! Our questions are geared towards finding out what your needs are, and, therefore, the surveys are aimed at you! Our rewards include airtime, money, and vouchers to purchase goods from our partners. All because you just spent a few minutes of your time filling in a questionnaire!

Easy as 1-2-3

To start gaining benefits and rewards through our surveys, you must register on our company website. Set up a user account and answer a few questions about yourself. The answers to these questions tell us which questionnaires would best suit you, and we will notify you every time a questionnaire is posted that is relevant to you.
Once you have received a notification, you just have to follow the link and answer the questions. It is really that simple! At the beginning of each notification, you will be informed how long it would take you to fill in the questionnaire, and how much money you can earn by completing the survey.
After filling in the questionnaire, your account is automatically credited by us. These rewards can then be paid out to you in airtime, cool cash or vouchers – it is up to you what you decide to do!

Our Survey Company Protects Your Data

With all the internet scams out there nowadays, it is often hard to decide whether to provide information to people online. We can assure you that we have been in the business for decades, and we adhere to all data protection protocols. We will not make any of your personal data public. You are completely safe with us. All we want is your opinion on certain products and services. Our survey company prides itself on confidentiality and protection of our clients’ information. Of course, we do divulge some information to our clients, such as polls about their products and suggestions made by their consumers; after all, that is the purpose of our questionnaires! But we will never compromise your online safety by being careless with information. All we need is your opinion. In exchange, we will reward you for every questionnaire you complete for our company.
Join MobiWorkX and start doing surveys today to earn awesome rewards!