Are You from Nigeria? Get Rewarded in Airtime for Taking Surveys!

Companies want YOUR opinion. You might not believe it at first; you might think “why would a big company care about my opinion?”. Here’s why: they need to know what their customers and potential customers want and need so that they can fulfil that need. You see, big organisations compete against other big organisations, and to outdo their competition, they need to make sure their existing customers are satisfied, and that new customers are attracted to their products or services. What better way to do that than to ask the customer what they want? They find this information so valuable that they are even willing to dole out rewards for it, in the form of airtime, vouchers and cash.

What Does MobiWorkX Do?

Reputable companies want to work with other reputable companies and that’s where MobiWorkX steps in. We are a survey company of global renown, trusted for consistent, reliable and timeous results. All you have to do to start earning rewards is sign up and give your opinion by completing surveys, left, right and centre! The great thing about online questionnaires is that you can do them from anywhere at any time, even while commuting or taking a tea break. Take a survey for airtime, vouchers and money with a few taps on your keyboard and by giving your valuable opinion.
We have hundreds of clients from all over Africa, seeking the valued opinions of their customers. This means that there will never be a shortage of surveys that can earn you airtime and other rewards. Once you sign up, you will start receiving questionnaires which you can choose to take or decline, and once you complete one you will be sent the reward stated in the description. The reward is actually stated before you fill in the questionnaire, so you can decide whether it’s worth your while. Easy as that!
The bottom line is your answers are always appreciated. MobiWorkX Nigeria endeavours to unite the customer’s insight with the client’s curiosity. We formulate your answers into readable data and then use this data to improve advertising strategies and tailor products to specific demographics. What a comforting thought, to know your opinion has been considered!

Old-School Is Not Cool

Before, companies used to employ physical focus groups to engage with their consumers. These exercises were often time-consuming with much effort involved, but it was still crucial to ask customers what they want. With the change in technology, it has now become possible to do away with “old-school” survey groups and gather information from consumers online in Nigeria through surveys and reward them with airtime and other cool rewards.
In reality, specifically given the amount of competition in almost every division of the market, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Competition is a constant challenge, and a company with a better marketing team will swoop in and sweep away valued supporters. Companies want people living in Nigeria to complete their questionnaires, so they know what Nigerian consumers want, to fulfil local shoppers’ needs. It’s as simple as that, satisfying the client’s need by completing surveys and earning airtime, vouchers or cash at the same time.

It’s Just That Easy!

Don’t wait; give it a go! You can gain a very exciting opportunity! Airtime, vouchers and even crisp cash are all up for grabs. Our surveys are tailored to different companies wanting different information. Still, we keep you, the survey-taker, in mind and make sure that surveys are quick and easy to complete and enabling you to earn some fabulous rewards. Taking questionnaires in Nigeria is a great way to earn an extra income or ease the financial burden through vouchers and airtime top-ups.

Not Just Simple, But Fun Too

Taking a survey is a fun exercise. Being heard is great; seeing your opinion being valued is amazing. These, besides the physical rewards, are all great incentives to start monetising your opinion today! All you need to do is to create an account on the MobiWorkX website, and then watch as the surveys start rolling in. Then, you’re ready to get started! Fill them out and see your rewards grow. So, is it possible for Nigerians to complete a survey for airtime and other awesome rewards? It’s not only possible, but it’s simple and fun too. Don’t let this opportunity go by unnoticed. Sign up now and start earning!