Surveys that pay

MobiWorkX is an online panel for the well-known Kantar companies. Our company has focused on providing accurate and unbiased market research results for over a decade in several countries in the Middle East and Africa. As an established industry leader, we ensure that consumers’ needs are met by providing companies with honest real-time feedback directly from the consumer. This is why we need you!
We compile, design and create fun and engaging surveys that you, the consumer, can complete in a few short minutes, making it a hassle-free, user-friendly and enjoyable experience.

Get paid to do surveys your way

MobiWorkX’s surveys are all about everyday products and services that you already use. So, it’s simply a matter of sharing your opinion. What makes this an amazing opportunity is that we offer rewards for completed surveys. With our long list of reputable partners, you can cash in on your surveys by receiving free airtime and vouchers at well-known stores and brands.

How it works

MobiWorkX ensures that you can participate in our surveys that pay with only three simple steps online. Register with ease and become a member, all free of charge. You will receive access to a stream of surveys that are quick and easy to complete from anywhere, at any time.
With every survey that you complete, you receive points that can be accumulated and redeemed to receive rewards, including airtime, vouchers and cash. Instantly boost your income by participating in surveys that pay.

Why choose MobiWorkX

MobiWorkX is a credible market research panel that connects companies with its consumers. We partner with your favourite brands to ensure that they offer you what you really want. We also recognise the value of your time. By participating in completing our surveys, you will not only be rewarded for it, but you will also be guaranteed that it is a quick and easy process. Join our secure community of smart consumers and choose when and where you want to complete your surveys to earn amazing rewards that make this an opportunity not to be missed.