Take Surveys for Rewards

Have your say on brands and organisations while influencing future products and services. Take surveys for rewards in Kenya. Decide when to participate and be handsomely compensated. Companies need marketplace feedback and the best way to get this is by asking consumers to share their shopping experiences. Companies producing consumer goods and services commission dedicated market research panels to gather feedback from consumers.
Kenya’s rapidly expanding, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market segment has been a major driver of growth, with a particularly strong demand for food, beverages and personal care products. This has led to a number of multi-national firms entering the Kenyan market.
Robust population growth and a burgeoning middle class are expected to sustain growth going forward. Increased sales at formal retailers coupled with better distribution channels create further opportunities. In order to tap into these opportunities, multi-national companies need to understand and quickly adapt to local consumption and demand patterns. Online surveys for rewards are a cost-effective, legitimate way to gather consumer feedback on behalf of FMCG companies.
The great news for consumers is that it all comes down to surveys for rewards being open to the person on the street. Marketing panels’ data collection services produce targeted online surveys for rewards allowing for the collection of the exact data that FMCG companies need from consumers. By asking you to participate in online surveys for rewards, nuanced, comprehensive, and reliable consumer market data can be collected.

Companies Need Your Opinion

Companies are committed to continuously improving their products or services. Nearly all companies have a budget dedicated to market research. In other words, money is provided each year with the specific purpose of finding out from consumers of their products and services how they are doing and how they can improve.
In all the leading African markets, and Kenya is no exception, companies are prepared to pay to hear the opinion of consumers. Market research has become an essential tool informing the decisions of companies especially companies new to the unique Kenyan market. How does this affect you? Companies’ ongoing need for consumer behaviour data creates a major opportunity for you, a consumer. Your shopping habits and preferences are a valuable commodity. Companies are willing to pay or compensate you in other ways if you’re willing to share your shopping experiences. Take electronic surveys for rewards. Get tangible benefits from your willingness to participate. You are invited to share your thoughts and opinions and benefit.

What Happens to Your Information?

Reputable market research panels adhere to strict privacy policies. The information you supply when joining or completing questionnaires is kept strictly confidential. Your information will only be used for marketing research purposes. Under no circumstances will reputable market research panels sell or give your information to a third party. No sales calls or other solicitations will be made as a result of your participation.

How do You Get in On the Action?

Reputable market research panels, such as MobiWorkX, make it extremely easy for you to complete surveys for rewards. It consists of an easy online process that takes a few minutes. You are asked to create your free profile online and answer a few simple questions. Note that any company that asks you to pay a joining fee should be treated with suspicion! Reputable companies pay or reward you, not the other way around.
Once your profile is registered, keep an eye on your inbox. You will be notified when relevant surveys become available and receive an e-mail invitation. Each invitation will give you information about the current topic and what kind of prizes you could win by completing the specific survey. Surveys completed successfully will earn points that can be exchanged for a variety of rewards, including airtime and vouchers among others. When you participate is up to you. You can either complete the survey right away or later, whenever it suits you. Normally, a survey will remain available for several days. You are free to decide not to take part in a particular survey at all, and wait for the next one instead.

Join MobiWorkX Online Today

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