Can You Do Surveys in Kenya?

The average person on the street is unaware that they are a source of valuable information and that they have an important role to play in market research activities. The truth is that consumer goods companies need to know what consumer opinions are on the Kenyan marketplace and the products on offer. For example, what laundry detergent did they buy last, and how satisfied were they with the product? Would they buy the same brand again? These questions are simple to answer for anyone consuming goods and services.
Surveys in Kenya don’t have to bombard participants with difficult questions. You will only have to answer questions about things that are typically within the experience of your normal daily activities. Savvy Kenyan consumers are realising that they can get an additional benefit just from being shoppers and willing to complete surveys online.
Whether consciously or not, consumers have products they prefer to use or don’t like to use at all. Simply by shopping on a regular basis, you develop ideas about the cost of goods or services that market research panels want you to share with them.

How Does This Happen?

If you’re worried that this means someone with a clipboard is going to accost you at a public place and expect you to fill in a tedious form for no reward, this is nowhere close to how surveys in Kenya work when completed through a leading market research panel, like MobiWorkX.
If you think that a call centre is going to interrupt you in the middle of your football team’s critical match and expect you to answer long questions, once again with no benefit to you, then rest assured because those days are long gone. The advent of the smartphone has thankfully made these methods of taking surveys obsolete.
The digital era allows consumers to complete surveys in Kenya conveniently online at a place and time that suits them. This is easy and direct and usually more accurate as consumers can sit quietly and focus on giving honest and accurate answers. The best thing of all is that you are not expected to sacrifice your time and knowledge for nothing in return. It all comes down to doing surveys for real rewards available to any local consumer. Marketing research panels produce carefully targeted surveys in Kenya and pay or reward you to share your opinions.

What are the Benefits?

What’s great is that surveys in Kenya benefit everyone involved. You are given a steady stream of questionnaires to complete allowing you to earn income and rewards for relatively little effort. Marketing research panels get to reach far more consumers more rapidly and with better quality information and consumer goods companies receive the data they need to give you what you need. It’s no wonder that companies are more than happy to compensate you for your feedback as your opinion informs the companies you buy from to amend or improve their product offerings to, in turn, improve your experience as a consumer. Join a well-established company like MobiWorkX today and start getting paid for sharing your experiences.

How Do You Get in on the Action?

MobiWorkX makes it extremely easy for you to complete surveys in Kenya for rewards or cash. The simple online process takes a few minutes and consists of you creating your free online profile and answering a few quick questions. Once your profile is registered, keep an eye on your e-mail for notifications when relevant surveys become available. Each invitation will outline the current topic and the kind of rewards you are eligible to receive for completing the specific survey in question. Successfully completed questionnaires earn points that can be exchanged for a variety of rewards. Gift vouchers, airtime and even cash are on offer. You decide when to participate. So, you can complete the survey right away, or do it later, when convenient. A survey will remain active for several days. You may also choose not to take part in a particular survey, and hold out for the next one instead.

Start Earning Great Rewards with MobiWorkX Today

MobiWorkX is an established market research panel operating in Kenya and many African and Middle Eastern countries. Make use of this fantastic opportunity by signing up to take MobiWorkX’s surveys in Kenya today. Use your daily shopping experiences and a little investment of time to earn great rewards! Find MobiworkX online, and don’t hesitate to join up, and start earning rewards right away.