Are Online Surveys Available in Nigeria?

Nigeria is recognised as a burgeoning consumer market with massive potential. The potential size of the market makes this country extremely attractive to consumer goods manufacturing companies. With the Nigerian consumer market being relatively new and changing rapidly, it has become imperative for market research companies to understand the Nigerian consumer’s needs in order to position their customers’ products in the most competitive manner.
Market research companies want to know as much as possible about the Nigerian consumer. Where does the average local consumer shop? What kinds of goods do they buy? How much do they spend? The list is a long one. The question market research panels face is how to access the data they need in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Market research panels have discovered that one of the very best methods is to get consumers to participate in online surveys in Nigeria. Online surveys have proved to be an easy and efficient way in which to engage with consumers. With it being a large, diverse and populace country, online surveys in Nigeria have proved to be a crucial solution to getting to know the local consumer.

How Do the Questionnaires Work?

Market research panels go to great lengths to compile a range of targeted questionnaires and present them to the consumer in the easiest and most convenient manner possible. Although a great deal of knowledge and expertise is used in the compilation of the questionnaires, the principle is very simple. If you want to know what consumers think and do – ask them. All that the market research panel requires from participants in online surveys is that they apply their minds and give honest, considered responses to the questions asked in the questionnaire.

What’s In It for You, the Consumer?

Let’s get to the good part. What’s in it for you, the consumer? Luckily, the days of hardcopy questionnaires on clipboards and long calls from call centres, uninvited and unwanted, are a thing of the past. There was generally no upside if you were asked to complete one of these ‘old school’ questionnaires. No one could blame you for being less than willing to participate. MobiWorkX, as a leading online market research panel that offers surveys in Nigeria, has realised that it’s only fair to reward consumers who take the time to participate. Our approach encourages high volumes of participation and gives you an opportunity to earn real rewards by completing surveys online.

What Kinds of Rewards are on Offer?

Completing surveys can earn you a host of rewards, depending on the time required to complete the questionnaire. MobiWorkX offer rewards in the form of discounts on products, free airtime, shopping vouchers, gift cards and even cash. The good news is there are plenty of questionnaires available.
The information gathered is valuable, so we provide a real incentive for you to participate, willingly and frequently. There is no reason for you not to also earn rewards by completing online surveys in Nigeria and you can start today. This can happen virtually anywhere – at home, waiting for a bus, or on your daily commute. In fact, they can be completed whenever you have some idle time. All you need is a smart device or computer and internet access.

How Do You Get Started?

As an established market research panel, we make it as easy as possible for you to complete surveys for great rewards. An easy online process that takes a few minutes is all that is required. Create your free online profile and answer some simple questions. There is no cost whatsoever to join. Once your profile is registered, you’ll be notified by e-mail when surveys suited to your demographic become available. E-mailed survey invitations will give you the topic and what kind of prizes or rewards are on offer for the specific survey. It’s up to you when and if you want to participate. Complete the survey right away, or whenever it best suits you. Surveys remain available for several days during which time you can decide not to take part at all, and rather wait for the next one.

Join MobiWorkX Online Today

MobiWorkX is one of the most reputable and dynamic online market research panels currently operating in Nigeria. Members earn by completing surveys that pay rewards regularly. Grab your piece of this great opportunity by signing up with MobiWorkX today. Go to the MobiWorx website, follow the simple instructions and get ready to complete surveys and earn a variety of great rewards.