Consumer Opinions are Valuable

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) marketplace is dynamic creating an ongoing need to continuously have a finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment. It seems superfluous to say but the best way to understand the consumer experience is to ask them about it. Traditional hardcopy questionnaires and call centre-driven telephone surveys are typically neither efficient nor user-friendly. They also typically offer no incentive to the consumer to participate in them. Most consumers view them as a waste of time and are reluctant or unwilling to participate. Market research panels, like MobiWorkX, are appointed to gather data on behalf of FMCG companies and developed online surveys in South Africa and globally that are designed to encourage consumer acceptance and participation by removing the negative experiences associated with the traditional approach. Great care has been exercised with online surveys in South Africa to streamline the communication between the consumer goods companies and you, the consumer. Best of all real rewards are offered to participants.

Surveys in South Africa and the Confluence of Technologies

Companies spend billions of dollars a year on market research globally. Much of this research is applied to understanding the consumer. What appeals to them, where they are most likely to buy, and an array of other data is gathered.
Online surveys in South Africa are one of the tools used by market survey companies but tools such as customer satisfaction polling, packaging testing, brand health tracking, advertisement and concept testing are also employed. The ease of use and vast number of consumers that can be reached have been made possible by the introduction of firstly the PC and, to a far greater extent, smartphones and other smart devices. Anyone with a smart device and internet access can easily complete online surveys in South Africa.
This has led to more companies conducting online market research over traditional methods. Marketing research panels are finding it far more efficient and cost-effective to set up online surveys in South Africa than other data gathering options. The rewards offered for participation guarantee a win-win situation for all involved.

Their Need is Your Opportunity

Have a say in the decisions made by consumer goods-producing companies. If enough like-minded consumers have the same or similar opinions, consumer goods companies will make improvements to their products or change the way they present them in the marketplace. So, completing online surveys in South Africa not only gives you a reward for providing your experiences and opinions, but it allows you to improve your experience as a consumer.
If you don’t tell the manufacturer of the goods you use what you like and dislike, nothing will change. The FMCG marketplace looks for constant feedback from consumers to understand their changing needs. This means that there will never be a shortage of surveys in South Africa that pay for you to complete. Consumers know that there are companies doing market research but are unaware that these companies want to engage with them and want to make them an active part of the marketing process.

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