Did You Know There Are Surveys That Pay?

The word ‘survey’, in most consumers’ minds, has fairly negative connotations. It conjures up thoughts of students accosting them at the mall or some other public place and expecting them to spend time answering a barrage of questions. Even worse is the call from a call centre with a very persistent operator wanting a few minutes from you to complete a survey. The few minutes is inevitably more like half an hour! Worst of all, they expect you to give your time with no reward in return.
However, there are surveys that pay where consumers earn extra income or a range of other rewards. Companies that do market research need to know how consumers are experiencing their products or services and offer surveys that pay to reward those who are willing to share their opinions with them. Marketing companies know that they will get ‘nothing for nothing’ so they are willing to pay consumers for their input.
Specialist market research panels are commissioned by companies in the consumer goods manufacturing sector to gather a variety of data about consumer behaviour. Market research panels want to know whether you are satisfied with a company’s products on offer, how healthy their clients’ brands are and how advertising campaigns are being received by the consumer.

What Surveys that Pay will Ask from You

Although market research is a highly complex field, from the consumer’s point of view, surveys that pay couldn’t be simpler. You as a consumer are asked to share information that concerns what you do in everyday life. It focuses on, for example, which brands of household products you buy, which stores you prefer to shop at, how satisfied you are with the products you use and why you choose one product over another.
Online surveys that pay offer an easy and efficient way for you to engage with the market research panel. It is the quickest and easiest way for you to get your voice heard by the companies that you know and shop with. The questionnaires are easy to complete and the longer ones generally have bigger rewards. You are rewarded for the amount of time you need to invest. Rewards take the form of airtime, gift cards, shopping vouchers or even cash. Surveys that pay reward you for sharing your experiences on consumer goods and services that you encounter all the time and very little effort on your part is required. There is no right or wrong answer to the questions. If you have a smart device, such as a laptop or smartphone, and internet access, you are ready to start right now!

Companies Want to Hear from Consumers Like You

Your experiences and perceptions as a consumer are valuable to consumer goods-producing companies, so they are willing to reward you for sharing them. Market research panels have made the dialogue between the consumer goods-producing companies and you, the consumer, as easy and seamless as possible.
Online, electronic surveys that pay are by design extremely easy and convenient to complete and there is always some form of reward to encourage you to spend the time and to thank you for your willingness to participate. Get started by signing up and surveys that pay will be sent to you to complete. There are plenty of questionnaires offering rewards, from airtime to shopping vouchers and cash. If you are a South African consumer, join an established and respected market research panel , such as MobiWorkX, and earn vouchers, airtime and cash online. With online surveys that pay, participation is free and great rewards are guaranteed.