Consumer Surveys That Pay

Companies are always conducting market research. This holds true despite the global pandemic and the accompanying lockdowns. People still need to shop. Food, personal hygiene and cleaning products are necessities. Even in the most troubled of times, companies in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) space need information on how their products are received by consumers. In fact, it may be argued that this information is even more critical in uncertain markets. The need for reliable, comprehensive and nuanced, consumer market data is greater now than ever!
The great news for consumers is that they are offered the opportunity to complete online consumer surveys that pay. Millions of Kenyan consumers have smartphones and internet access which means that formalising the flow of information between the consumer and FMGC companies is easy. Surveys have become the least costly and simplest way to poll consumers on their experiences of the goods and services provided by FMCG companies. There are over two hundred multinational companies in Kenya most of them originating in Europe and the USA. These companies rely heavily on consumer behaviour data to tailor their product offering for the Kenyan market.
You may have wondered how market research is conducted and how it affects you. The good news is that digital connectivity makes conducting consumer questionnaires simple and hassle-free. Consumers can easily take quick surveys that pay on their phones in the privacy of their own homes or even while sitting on a bus or in a taxi. You too can sign up to start receiving regular questionnaires that are focused on Kenyan consumers.

Online Surveys That Pay are Becoming Popular in Kenya

The easiest way for FMCG companies to improve their products or services is to conduct market research. It suits these companies to engage with their consumers and find out how best to improve their product offerings. The consumer data that market research provides is so crucial that FMCG companies set aside generous amounts of money for market research each year. Although some FMCG companies may conduct their own research, they usually brief specialist market research panels to gather data on their behalf.
Professional market research panels, like MobiWorkX, are experts at getting detailed and accurate consumer behaviour data. They provide an internet-based platform that consumers can access to complete online surveys that pay. Online questionnaires are specifically designed to get Kenyan consumers onto the survey platform by making participation easy, quick, simple and, more importantly, rewarding.
Modern market research happens online via your smartphone, so you can participate from anywhere, at any time. Contribute to better consumerism in Kenya while being constantly rewarded for your time and participation. It is possible to earn a steady stream of free airtime, consumer and luxury goods and shopping vouchers by simply completing surveys that pay. Rewards can be redeemed at hundreds of stores and service providers across the country.

Surveys That Pay are a Win-Win

The most fantastic thing about online surveys is the fact that both parties are winners! Kenyan consumers get to share their opinions while being rewarded generously for their participation. Consumer goods companies get vital information that helps them compete effectively in the marketplace.
FMCG companies are more than happy to hand out vouchers and other incentives in exchange for your opinion. Understanding your needs as a consumer could make the difference between business success or failure. Surveys that pay provide a no-risk (provided you engage with a reputable market survey panel), easy and convenient way for Kenyan consumers to get something back for sharing their shopping habits. Complete these online surveys and subsidise your overall cost of living with shopping vouchers and other cost-saving rewards. Why would you not participate in online surveys that pay and start getting a better deal? You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

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