Do You Know That Your Opinion Can Earn You Rewards?

Is your only experience of marketing surveys lengthy phone calls from a call centre where you’re asked to answer a range of questions? The call usually comes at the least convenient time, and you’re left wondering where the call centre got your cell number from. This experience invariably leaves you less than happy with any attempts to give your opinion. There is no incentive whatsoever for you to answer the questions and the overall experience is a negative one.
If you’d been offered a guaranteed reward or payment to take the call and answer the questions, your attitude may have been different. Consumer goods-producing companies and companies offering consumer services need to know how you experience their product offering in the consumer marketplace. In order to protect or grow their market share, they need up-to-date data on consumer behaviour. They appoint specialist market research panels to source the required data on their behalf. The market research panels know that they need to make it worthwhile for consumers to engage with them and share their opinions. It should not only be worthwhile, but easy and convenient too.
Reputable market research panels, like MobiWorkX, have worked out that the best way to do this, for all parties, is by using online surveys. The surveys offer opinion rewards in the form of a variety of incentives to encourage consumers to provide them with consumer data. Rewards for sharing your opinion come in many forms including free airtime, gift vouchers, discount vouchers and cash, among others.

Companies Need Consumers Like You to Participate

To encourage participation, taking surveys has been made hassle-free, simple and lucrative. All you need to earn rewards for your opinion are a smart device and an internet connection. Simply follow the quick registration steps, join up, and voice your opinion on online surveys to earn rewards. By becoming a member and participating in taking online surveys, you not only have an effect on how the consumer marketplace evolves, but also earn valuable rewards or cash. Unlike the dreaded “marketing call” from a call centre, members take online surveys for vouchers or even cash rewards on their smartphones anywhere and at times that are convenient for them.
Everyone can do with extra cash or with shopping and airtime vouchers from their most loved shops and brands. The great thing about completing online surveys is that you can use the time that would normally be idle or unproductive and convert it into something of value. Time spent waiting for transport, on your daily commute to work or leisure time at home can all be turned into useful and valuable rewards. You have nothing to lose by joining up and trying it out. Registering and completing surveys are absolutely free!

Join MobiWorkX Online Today

MobiWorkX is an established and professional market research panel in South Africa. We offer our members regular surveys so that they can earn a constant stream of rewards for their opinion. You can keep airtime, gift vouchers and cash coming by completing as many surveys as you have time for! Find us online, join up, and start earning right away.