Why Do Nigerian Consumers Qualify For Daily Rewards?

Who wouldn’t be interested in getting involved in an online business that pays? An online business that pays would be particularly helpful for those who are currently unemployed or who can’t make ends meet on their existing income. An online business that pays allows you to work from home or anywhere and at any time, which allows you to save on transport and other costs.
The country is widely viewed as an increasingly important market and manufacturing hub for the African consumer product sector. Nigeria is currently home to a growing middle class, estimated to be in the region of 50 million people. The potential of this market attracts a host of consumer goods-producing companies who compete actively to establish or maintain a market share in the huge marketplace Nigeria provides.
To retain or grow their market share against competitors with similar product offerings consumer goods-producing companies need accurate, regular and honest feedback. It is obvious, if you think about it, that the best way to understand what consumers want and need is by asking them. Encouraging consumers to share their shopping experiences by offering daily rewards provides extremely valuable insights into the consumer marketplace in Nigeria. These insights allow consumer goods-producing companies to tailor their products and marketing efforts to specifically suit the local shopper.
Due to the fact that data on consumer behaviour is so important, companies allocate substantial amounts of money every year to market research. They typically commission dedicated market research panels to gather feedback on their behalf from consumers. Consumer goods companies want information like how likely you are to recommend their product to others; how satisfied you were with the product or service you bought from their company; and what made you choose their product as opposed to a competitor’s offering. The value of this information makes it patently clear why consumers are offered daily rewards to participate in online surveys.

How Difficult is It to Earn Daily Rewards?

The more savvy consumers in Nigeria have discovered that their opinion is valuable and that it makes perfect sense that they earn some form of daily rewards for sharing it. The time and effort involved in completing a survey are minimal and the rewards increase with the length of time required to complete a particular survey.
Smart devices have been a huge boost to market research because smartphones and tablets with internet access enable any consumer to access surveys online from just about anywhere they happen to be. There is no reason why you too can’t sign up and start receiving regular surveys focused on Nigerian consumers. The process today is well-established, streamlined and convenient. More importantly, the system is designed so that everybody involved benefits.

Do You Really Receive Daily Rewards?

If you sign up with a reputable, well-established market research panel, like MobiworkX, to complete surveys, you’ll not only have a steady stream of surveys to complete, but they all provide their own daily rewards. Some pay in airtime and others in an assortment of clothing and gift vouchers from your favourite shops and brands, but they always offer something of value.

What Happens to Your Information?

Recognised market research panels adhere to strict privacy policies. The information you supply when joining or completing surveys is kept strictly confidential. Your information will only be used for marketing research purposes. Under no circumstances will reputable market research panels sell or give your information to a third party.

Join MobiWorkX Online and Start Getting Paid for Your Opinion

MobiWorkX is a well-established and dynamic market research panel in Nigeria. We’ve made it our business to formalise the market research arena in Nigeria and a number of other African countries. This is why many consumer goods-producing companies are on our list of clients. They know that we provide a professional service and a constant flow of accurate data. Consumers who sign up with us to do surveys are well rewarded. Be a smart consumer, and join us to complete surveys for daily rewards today.