Are Paid Online Surveys Worth It?

With unemployment creeping steadily upwards, the resultant weakening in consumer spending, lower public investment, and the Kenyan Shilling (KES) losing strength against the United States Dollar (USD), it is becoming increasingly difficult for us Kenyans to meet our monthly commitments. It is for these main reasons why it is more important now than ever that Kenyans look for alternative revenue streams.
Tens of thousands of users are turning to the internet to find other ways to stretch our budgets, and a growing trend among many of us is completing questionnaires on market research websites in return for cash, usable rewards, and vouchers. So, are paid online surveys worth it?

It’s Often Not Valuable Time Spent

It could be argued that any time spent on making extra money is time well-spent, but this is not altogether true when it comes to websites promising cash or rewards for answering a few easy questions.
In our informal sector, our skilled labour force is earning, on average, between seven and 16 USD per day and our unskilled or semi-skilled labour force is earning between two and seven USD per day. As such, our time is valuable. Survey sites that get our time but don’t pay us are not feasible. Are these paid online surveys worth it? No, not in these cases.
Unfortunately, there are many of these websites on the internet. Beware that they are there and try to circumvent them. Never invest in “test products” to evaluate later and never, ever pay for anything upfront. These should raise warning flags. Again, are paid online surveys worth it? Not in these cases either.

But Wait! There’s More!

When asking the question, “Are paid online surveys worth it?” If you are doing proper due diligence, then the answer is yes, they are. Keep in mind that there are websites that offer cash for answering questions, but still don’t pay you. This is because these sites are geared toward an international audience. They are legitimate and they do pay if you fit into a specific demographic, but because they’re talking to millions of people across the globe, you may find that you don’t fit their required demographic. In this instance, are paid online surveys worth it? Again, the answer should be no, because you’re spending time on it but not being remunerated for it.
Realistically, regardless of the website or its reputation, you won’t get rewarded every single time you complete a questionnaire. Sometimes, a company will want to speak to females between 18 and 25 and you’re a male, aged 30. In these circumstances, you won’t be rewarded as your opinion isn’t valid in the specific demographic, but you still need to find surveys that are relevant to you most of the time allowing you to suit the demographic more frequently and pay you more often.

How Do You Find a Survey Site that Talks to You?

How Do You Find a Survey Site that Talks to You?
You don’t have to. It’s already here!
MobiWorkX Kenya has been around for more than ten years already. We answer the question, “are paid online surveys worth it?” with a resounding “yes, they are.” We do surveys and we ask you to answer questionnaires, but we formulate questions geared towards Kenyans about the Kenyan consumer market, and your responses have the potential to influence the local marketplace.
Our surveys can affect your daily life directly and positively, as well as your age group, gender, and geographical location. You will fit right in, and you’ll be rewarded in cash, airtime, and vouchers.
You will notice the difference in your local supermarket when they boast new products on their shelves, advertise your favourites at more competitive prices, introduce new product ranges that haven’t been available in your area before or launch new products at discounted prices
MobiWorkX Kenya designs questionnaires that encourage change, inspire innovation, create options for consumers, initiate lower prices, and benefit the lives of yourself, your family and your fellow Kenyans and their families. So, are paid online surveys worth it?
Go to, join us for free, share your honest opinions on quick, easy questionnaires and get rewarded from today. Become involved in promoting change in Kenya, while making money. Do paid online surveys with MobiWorkX and cash in on this amazing opportunity!