Have Your Say with a Survey Site in Kenya

Who would have thought that conflict between two neighbouring countries, far off, in a distant land, thousands of kilometres away, would have such an impact on everyday living in this beautiful country?
It has stifled the economic recovery from the trans-continental pandemic by vastly increasing the prices of life essentials and raising the fuel prices to all-time highs. Continuation of the conflict is strangling the flow of the previously successful trade of goods, products and services and preventing the injections of international investments and the growth and development of many projects.

Information Sharing and Communication are Key

Even with Kenya’s colourful past, never has the need for information sharing and communication been more crucial than it is right now. If we, as a nation, are going to successfully navigate our current financial circumstances, we are going to have to communicate with the companies that provide us with food, clothing, energy and other necessities.
A company that produces or sells these essential products and services is well aware of your current predicaments and, for the most part, wants to assist you by keeping costs and daily expenses as competitive as possible. A company such as this would speak to people through a survey site in Kenya. They request feedback from consumers that will be used to assist those very consumers in a host of ways.
A survey site in Kenya will collect information on behalf of these producers and distributors by conducting research, such as brand health tracking, pack testing, advert testing, concept testing and, most importantly, consumer questionnaire studies. A survey site in Kenya would conduct consumer testing by asking pertinent questions directly to the consumer. The consumer will then answer these questions as thoroughly and honestly as possible so that producers and distributors can best align their marketing strategies to accommodate consumers.

What Questions Does a Survey Site in Kenya Ask?

A survey site in Kenya would act on behalf of a client who would supply the basic information they need. This would include daily, weekly and monthly shopping routines, what consumers buy and where they buy it from. Do consumers consistently buy the same brand of product or do they just settle for the cheapest variety? They would also ask questions relating to their competitors’ products and how these fare in relation to their own.
In some questionnaires, opinions are asked to compare products or what peoples’ thoughts are relating to a launch of a brand-new product. This type of feedback is vital, as a launch to an incorrect target market or an incorrectly timed launch to the correct target market could hold drastic consequences, even for an established company. This could negatively impact current brand ratings and future product prices to mitigate any losses.

How Do They Do It?

Thanks to modern technology and the global reach of the internet, companies that need information about their products or services and rely on a survey site in Kenya are becoming extremely advanced in harnessing information, like determining the particular demographics of their target markets. All this data and so much more can be collected, separated and sorted into whatever demographic area the client might need insight on.
Regardless of how large or small the demographic is, there is always one common denominator that can never be left out – your voice. Without the thought-provoking answers and honest opinions of the individual on the street, a survey site in Kenya could never assist their clients to impart vital information and will not be able to support the local community in ensuring more competitive prices for everyday purchases.

Do You Want to be Heard?

MobiWorkX Kenya has been giving a voice to the consumer for thirteen years. As a survey site in Kenya, you can join as a member on our platform. All you need to do is answer easy, simple questions that will influence our clients’ marketing strategies and they will pay you with airtime, shopping vouchers or even cash for your time. The longer the questionnaire, the greater the reward.
Joining the platform is free! There are no hidden costs are involved. Simply complete the questionnaires as honestly as you can and wait on the rewards. The more you partake, the more you will earn. It really is that simple!
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