Surveys to Make Money in Nigeria

The perfect timing of the recent expansion of the mobile phone service provider networks and, along with it, the proliferation of choices for entry-level smartphones has opened many new and exciting avenues for small, medium, and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) in our beautiful country. Along with making business and communication between suppliers and consumers easier and more efficient, it also allows for doing surveys to make money in Nigeria in your spare time.
More than 40 million SMMEs are operating across our nation. This equates to approximately 50% of our gross domestic product (GDP) and an estimated 80% of our population enjoys being employed in this sector that is now referred to as the backbone of our national economy.

Making It Easier for SMMEs

Additionally, many of this sector’s owner-operators, suppliers, consumers, and employees have now adopted the new technology and the smartphone, previously a luxury reserved only for our well-off citizens has now become an affordable and accessible tool of immense economic empowerment even for those SMME communities in our lowest income groups. It is cutting down on transport costs, saving time and creating new avenues to add to varied revenue streams, including doing surveys to make money in Nigeria.
Adding to the positivity of this thriving sector are the micro-credit intervention plans sponsored by the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program (GEEP) and the Bank of Industry (BOI) These two entities have been targeting market traders, artisans, the youth and farmers to assist and grow these areas of the sector. These micro-credit programmes inject various, innovative ways of educating and financing SMME owners and operators allowing for more profitable businesses and time to do surveys to make money in Nigeria.

More Free Time Equals More Money

More profitable businesses mean growth, employment, and better income opportunities, and with many hands making light work, it alleviates the day-to-day chores of both the average owner-operator along with their staff compliments. So, whether you’re a hairstylist in Ibadan, a fish monger in Lagos, a fruit and veg stall holder in Abuja or a casual or migrant labourer assisting one or more of these business owners, you will more than likely find that you might have more free time on your hands and could be doing surveys to make money in Nigeria.
The more free time available to you whilst earning a living, the more opportunity you have to create additional income streams, including doing surveys to make money in Nigeria. The more income streams you create, the more cash and rewards you can take home to your family.

What are Additional Income Streams?

Before the internet, people devised many ways to make extra Naira. From taking on second or even third jobs in restaurants or pubs to cleaning floors, doing domestic work, and assisting businesses other than their main source of income with administrative duties. This extra work is known as additional income streams.
Although millions of our fellow countrymen still rely on these forms of additional income to earn extra Naira, it is extremely labour-intensive, and there are only 24 hours in a day which limits the amount of time you can spread between employers. But, with the internet now widely available, there are easier ways to generate an additional income, and this includes doing surveys to make money in Nigeria.

Is There a Trick to Is It Difficult?

The trick to making extra cash to supplement your main source of income without exhausting yourself or depriving your family of quality time is to make your spare time work for you. You can do this by doing surveys to make money in Nigeria.
Many segments make up a day and you would be surprised to find just how much of it is downtime. Travelling to and from work, tea and lunch breaks or even waiting for customers all constitute downtime that could be put to good use doing surveys to make money in Nigeria.

How Can I Get Involved?

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