Do a Survey for Airtime because It’s Not a Luxury, It’s a Necessity

It is no secret that the pay-as-you-go cell phone market in Nigeria is slowly surpassing its more formal, contract-based adversary. Because of this fact, it’s not surprising that the exponential need for airtime has grown at an equal pace, but with the rising cost of this necessity Nigerian cell phone users are constantly looking for cheaper ways to obtain this electronic gold.
It might not be common knowledge, but the solution to this constant dilemma is quite simple. All you have to do is take a short, easy online survey for airtime and other rewards. A few quick questionnaires a day will make sure that your airtime balance never depletes.

It’s the Way Business is Done in Nigeria

It is estimated that the informal business sector in Nigeria is responsible for close to 65% of all trade done in the country. It is also responsible for about 90% of new job creation opportunities both in urban and rural areas. So, it has become essential that this area of trade in Nigeria needs to be successful.
The types of informal businesses that carry the payload to this sector of the economy vary significantly and are too many to mention but one common denominator is defining the success of this marketplace. This bottom-line necessity is the ability to communicate by using the pay-as-you-go, mobile phone. This industry has become the backbone of small businesses in Nigeria.
The locations of these micro-business hives are based in either difficult-to-reach rural areas where stock farmers are always on the move or in large, informal marketplaces where electricity and general infrastructure are at a minimum. This means that forms of communication like the landline telephone are no longer a feasible option.

Airtime Rewards are the Best Options in Nigeria

As a business owner in Nigeria, you need to spend time on your phone for so many reasons. Ordering stock or materials, managing deliveries, marketing your products and communicating with your clients are just part of your daily responsibilities, and the need for and cost of airtime are endless. But what if there was another option?
MobiWorkX Nigeria is a market research panel that has been assisting businesses in Nigeria just like yours for over a decade, relieving them of some of the mobile phone overheads that affect their bottom-line profits.
By using the MobiWorkX platform for only an hour a day to take short, easy online surveys in Nigeria to earn airtime rewards, we can help you make a dent in your daily cell phone expenses. Our surveys are short, quick and easy to complete, so you could fit in several of them for every hour you have available.

Do More with Your Downtime

The time that you have available between the breakfast and lunchtime rushes;, while waiting on delivery of materials for your next project, or waiting for a client to arrive for a meeting can all add up. Minutes in a day can turn into hours in a week. This is all downtime that you can convert into profit by completing hassle-free surveys for MobiWorkX in exchange for valuable airtime rewards.
Doing surveys for airtime rewards is nothing new in Nigeria. For years, students, young professionals and business owners have found time in their daily routines to complete surveys for airtime rewards because of the savings that they accumulate on their monthly phone bills.
Contributing to Your Local Economy
Not only do surveys in exchange for airtime assist you with your daily running expenses but it contributes to your local economy. By becoming a member of MobiWorkX and completing surveys regular basis, you directly influence companies’ marketing campaigns in Nigeria and assist with their pricing and timing of putting items on sale.
The contribution of your consistent, honest opinions ensures that these companies keep in touch with local consumer habits. Sharing your thoughts on their products and services ensures that your favourite brands remain on the shelves at prices that are competitive with local market trends.
It might sound complicated, but it isn’t! Do online surveys in exchange for airtime, vouchers or cash. You’ll be rewarding yourself, your small business and your local community, all at the same time. Join our community of members in Nigeria today! What do you have to lose?