Beat Inflation by Joining an Online Survey Company

Inflation is fast becoming one of the largest global problems since the stock market crash in March 2020, as countries around the world prepared for an international pandemic. Since then, conflict in Eastern Europe has hiked up the prices of basic food products. Oil and gas prices are at an all-time high and these combinations have increased inflation significantly.
Kenya, unfortunately, has not been left unscathed. With the pandemic and the rising inflation negatively affecting employment opportunities and salary increases, our population has had to initiate inventive ways to keep up with the rising cost of living.
Luckily, there is a survey company that has stood up to these challenges, offering real cash and rewards that will assist in stretching your budget through to the end of the month.

No Special Skills Required

There are no special requirements and extra qualifications necessary. All you need to join this survey company is to keep doing your usual shopping. Being a consumer that can voice an honest opinion about products and brands that you buy regularly is all you need to start earning cash and rewards from this survey company, right now!
Corporate companies will spend millions of dollars annually for your opinion. The buying market changes constantly. Consumer goods-producing companies need to be observant of what their competitors are doing to retain an edge in tough industries. Should these companies have advanced knowledge of your purchasing patterns, they could influence pricing structures in your area more accurately, driving prices down and reducing inflation by introducing competitive products at more affordable prices.
Marketing departments want to know what you purchase, when you purchase it and why. This will assist them to assess the roll-out of marketing campaigns, product launches and brand adjustments specific to your local community’s buying trends. Companies like, a world leader in data and insights analytics, use a survey company to collate this information for an abundance of industries, sharing this data with their clients to better understand their consumers.

Who Is this Survey Company and How Much Will It Cost to Join?

MobiWorkX Kenya is a survey company that has been taking the Kenyan consumers’ voices seriously since 2009. We have hundreds of return participants who join our various platforms as members. They will answer simple, easy-to-read questionnaires about their likes or dislikes of certain, consumer-based products and services and then get paid for doing it.
You can join MobiWorkX at absolutely zero cost! There is no charge to you at all. In fact, be wary of online market research companies that do request any form of payment upfront. At MobiWorkX, membership is free, and you begin reaping rewards from your very first fully completed questionnaire. This is not “an overnight millionaire” opportunity but, with a little effort and consistency from you, our survey company will make an impact on your monthly expenses. The more questionnaires you complete, the more you’ll earn.

When Can I Start Completing Questionnaires for this Survey Company?

Are you over the age of 18? Do you have 10 minutes to spare? Do you have access to a reliable internet connection? Do you have access to a laptop, smartphone or tablet? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you can join MobiWorkX Kenya right now.
Simply visit our website and fill in a few, easy questions, register as a member and you’re ready to go! By registering with us, you will automatically become a member of a certain demographic or group of consumers that will take into account your age, gender, purchasing preferences and habits. This is important information because some companies will ask for specific demographic information that will qualify you as part of their campaigns’ specific target market. All this means you need to answer questionnaires as often as possible and as honestly as you can so that you might qualify for as many campaigns that are available to you.
MobiworkX Kenya is a survey company that will send you questionnaires as they become available. Before you even begin answering the questions, we will inform you of what cash amount, voucher or airtime rewards you will receive for completing the questionnaire as thoughtfully and as honestly as you can. Once you have completed the questionnaire in full, the survey company will revise your answers and your personal dashboard will get credited with the promised reward. It really is that simple!
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