Legitimate Online Surveys That Pay in Kenya

In today’s economy, many Kenyans, along with thousands of others around the globe, are scrolling the internet, looking for the best ways to supplement their income. In many countries, salary increases have become smaller and more seldomly implemented while inflation has been crawling upwards and Kenya is no exception.
Luckily, students, young professionals, entrepreneurs and even pensioners have found a convenient way to earn extra money and accrue awesome benefits along the way. These individuals have found online surveys that pay! Yes, they have stumbled across the best and most legitimate, paid-for online surveys in Kenya.

Listen to the Online Business Owners

One thing that all online gurus seem to agree on is that creating several income streams at the same time is the key to a successful online business. This is very good advice for any person aspiring towards establishing a successful, online, income-generating company because if one stream is undergoing a quiet time, another will support it and vice-versa.
So, whether it’s your goal to become 100% self-sufficient with your online business or if you’re simply looking to supplement your monthly income with money and rewards, then surveys that pay are worth exploring as an additional income stream.

Who Can You Trust?

The internet is littered with unreliable information and, unfortunately, many dishonest companies that commit to promises that they don’t keep. So, the first, important step, is to find a company that you can trust.
A company that offers an honest, legitimate platform for surveys that pay in Kenya is MobiWorkX. We have been offering surveys that pay since 2009. During this time, we have paid out cash rewards, issued members with gift cards to their favourite shopping spots and kept their airtime balances up. All you have to do to become a member of this satisfied community is to follow three easy steps.
Become a member, complete surveys that pay and get rewarded for your response. It’s that simple! Just visit our website, sign up as a participant and we will send you surveys that pay. You could be earning money and rewards as soon as today!

Are the Surveys Difficult?

If you can comfortably walk the isles at your favourite store and fill your basket with products that best suit your needs, then completing surveys that pay is a quick and easy option for you to generate an additional income.
If you can fit about an hour a day into your schedule and have access to a reliable internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or laptop, then you’re more than halfway there. All you need to do then is be honest in your opinions while answering the questionnaires. No special qualifications are needed. If you can follow basic written instructions, you’ll be earning in no time!
The questionnaires are simple to complete but not every questionnaire will fit into your specific demographic profile. So, for those that do, be sure to give some thought to your answers and complete all the questions.
This way, the information can be registered for use and is accurate and in line with your local community’s consumer habits. It also means you will be rewarded for completing the survey with cash, airtime or vouchers.

Where Does the Data Go?

MobiWorkX Kenya is affiliated with international companies and brand masters that are active on the African continent. To better understand the wants and needs of the Kenyan consumer base specifically, these companies need to be aware of the local consumer trends.
They need this information to tailor their products and services to best suit the Kenyan marketplace and provide the best product ranges and prices to stay competitive and relevant. This means that the more accurate you are in completing the information, the more it will assist you and your local community in enjoying the best that your favourite shopping brands can offer.
These companies need shoppers’ valuable opinions so urgently that they have elected MobiWorkX Kenya, an established market research panel, to collect and categorise participants’ responses on their behalf.
Join us today, regardless of where you live in Kenya. You’ll earn money and rewards for completing the surveys that pay and reaping the benefits of making your voice heard.