A Paid Online Survey Offers Supplementary Income

Large multinational companies producing consumer goods or selling consumer services provide substantial annual budgets to gather data on consumer behaviour. Everything, from pricing and packaging to advertising and distribution, is approached using careful analysis of available data to position and price the brands and products offered in the South African consumer marketplace. It goes without saying that the better the data, the better the results of any analysis will be. No company can simply introduce products into the marketplace and hope that they are successful and will gain market share. Optimising sales to the South African consumer requires ongoing checking to pick up changes in the needs and preferences of consumers. Gaining market share depends heavily on understanding exactly what the consumer is thinking and what trends are influencing consumer behaviour.
Consumer goods and services providers rarely gather consumer data themselves. Consumer goods and services providers turn to professional market research companies to test advertising concepts, poll customer satisfaction, and keep track of consumer preferences. By far the best way to understand what consumers feel and think is to simply ask them. The most efficient and cost-effective way to do this is by means of a paid online survey.

Taking Paid Online Surveys can be Quick and Hassle-free

Modern consumers live busy lives, so market research companies set up their systems to make an online survey as easy as possible to take. A paid online survey makes it worth your while to participate and invest some of your time in completing the questionnaire. The dynamic nature of the consumer market means that it needs to be constantly monitored. This ensures that there will always be a new paid online survey available for you to complete and earn money from.
Do you always buy the same brand, or do you shop by price? Are you willing to travel to a large shopping mall or is the local small retail outlet more convenient for you? A paid online survey is an easy, and efficient method of engaging with consumer goods and services providers to let them know how you feel about their products and the marketplace in general.

Where Do You Find a Paid Online Survey?

If you shop for goods or services, you are a consumer. In modern society, just about everyone is a consumer. As a consumer, your opinion has value to the companies that provide you with goods and services. Finding a paid online survey to earn an extra income is extremely simple. Visit the MobiWorkX website where you will be asked to create a profile. This amounts to nothing more than answering a few simple questions. Joining is absolutely free and your personal information is guaranteed to be kept totally confidential. It only takes a few minutes and is online so you can complete questionnaires just about anywhere! Once you have registered, you’ll be invited to take a paid online survey and can start supplementing your income. Just keep an eye on your inbox and cell phone as you will receive links to surveys via SMS or email.
Become one of the MobiWorkX community of informed consumers in South Africa. Convert your spare time into cash. All that you need is a smart device with internet access to enable quick and easy participation. Join today and earn extra money and other rewards.