Paid Surveys for Money are Real

The South African consumer market is a long-standing, well-established one which makes it extremely competitive. Having the best market intelligence is key to success. More local consumers are becoming aware of the fact that there are paid surveys for money available in South Africa, but they wonder if these are legitimate opportunities or not. While there are always unscrupulous or dishonest individuals who will highjack legitimate opportunities to disadvantage or even defraud unwary consumers, paid surveys for money, when offered by a legitimate, reputable market research company, such as MobiWorkX, are a real chance for consumers to make extra money.

Your Opinion is Valuable

The opportunity offered by participating in paid surveys for money is legitimate for the simple reason that marketing companies want to talk to consumers and make them proactive participants in the South African consumer marketplace. Consumers possess information that marketing companies are willing to pay for. Inevitably consumers form opinions about brands and products as they shop, including what they like and dislike. Shopping is an everyday task that everybody does. Consumers quickly develop opinions about the quality, accessibility and cost of goods and services. How they feel about a certain product and the value it represents is vital information for companies competing in the marketplace. Your opinion is valuable to consumer goods-producing companies, so they are happy to pay you for it.

Avoid the Potential Pitfalls

As in any business transaction, especially where money is involved, be careful who you sign up with to take paid surveys for money. Don’t sign up with a company that wants you to pay a joining fee, or any other form of upfront contribution, to become a member. Also, avoid websites where you are expected to purchase goods or services before you can qualify for membership. Legitimate market research companies will not require any joining fee. They will have an established track record of paying promptly for any paid surveys for money after they’ve been completed. It is also wise to read the confidentiality policy of any company you are considering joining. Legitimate companies will have a clearly stated confidentiality policy that guarantees that your personal information will not be sold to any third party or used for a purpose other than answering online questionnaires and administering your payments. If there is no confidentiality policy, then beware!

Join The MobiWorkX Consumer Community

Virtually anybody who shops for goods and services is a consumer. MobiWorkX is a leading market research panel in South Africa and several other African countries. Modern market research panels like MobiWorkX provide an online portal making it extremely easy for consumers to take paid surveys for money and other rewards. A convenient, efficient interaction between consumers and the providers of consumer goods and services is available to any consumer with a smart device and internet access.
Signing up is simple, safe and easy. Once you’re a member of the MobiWorkX community, you’ll be provided with a steady stream of paid surveys for money and other rewards. At MobiWorkX, we provide worthwhile rewards for the time and effort our members invest in completing questionnaires. Members are informed when there are paid surveys for money available for completion. Signing up with MobiWorkX only takes a few minutes online and you can participate right away and start earning rewards. Go to our website and join now!