Start Doing Surveys That Pay Cash

Ours is a beautiful country, but let’s face it, like all developing countries in Africa, it isn’t without its problems. Our economy is struggling and, with the recent drop in our Kenyan Shilling (KES) versus both the English Pound and the United States Dollar (USD), we’re all beginning to feel the pinch. As a result, most of us need a few extra Shillings at the end of the month and there seems to be a new trend growing because of it – completing surveys that pay cash!
Our Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is showing signs of slowing down, principally because we’re simply importing too many products and exporting too few. This coupled with the slow recovery of our tourism industry following the pandemic has caused our economic situation to suffer.
As Kenyans, though, we are a proud nation, and we are strong in the face of adversity. When the going gets tough, we are even more determined to succeed! We have always found ways around our challenges and our current economic situation is no different. That’s why tens of thousands of locals have begun doing surveys that pay cash to assist in stretching their budgets.

It Makes Perfect Cents

There is many ways that we can supplement our incomes with the most common being finding a second or sometimes even a third job. Still, there are only so many hours in a day. Even the strongest among us can’t work twenty-hour days, seven days a week. It’s just not sustainable and our primary employer will always demand the lion’s share of our time. So, we need to find a way to make money passively.
A passive income is where you are earning extra Shillings but spending little time and energy doing it. This is why completing surveys that pay cash is so successful. You get paid in USD for answering questionnaires of between 10 and 30 minutes per survey. With an average conversion rate of one USD equivalent to 115 KES for 2022, now is the time to get involved in doing surveys that pay cash. Kenyans from all walks of life are participating – it just makes perfect sense!

Passive is Massive

There are a multitude of ways to create a passive income. Consider increasing existing sales in your small business by broadening your customer base, using social media to advertise your specific skillset or selling other people’s products or services. However, many of these avenues consume vast amounts of your time, need time to grow and oftentimes need an initial capital investment to get started, but we don’t want to spend money, we want to make it.
What we need is a passive income that is stress-free, does not steal quality time from our families and can be done from almost anywhere. An income where, for as little as an hour a day, we can earn money in USD. We need to do surveys that pay cash and other rewards. It’s spreading through Kenya like wildfire, but there’s still room for you to do it too!

Do You Want to Do Surveys that Pay Cash?

There are hundreds of companies on the internet that invite you to answer a few questions online in exchange for a monetary reward, but not all of these companies are honest, and some won’t reward you at all. Unfortunately, there are some fake websites that you need to be aware of and steer clear of. Don’t buy or invest in anything and do not pay for anything upfront. Remember, you need to make money, not spend it.
Should you want to get involved in doing surveys that pay cash, you need to affiliate yourself with the professionals. A company that is legitimate and honest, and that has an established reputation in the industry. A company that offers surveys that pay cash and delivers on its promises.

How to Find the Right Company

That’s where MobiWorkX Kenya steps in! We have been offering surveys that pay cash for more than ten years. We have a loyal base of members that keep coming back because we keep our promises! Our questionnaires are quick and easy to answer, and if you fit into the demographic requirements of the survey and complete it, you are rewarded. It’s no mess, no fuss and simple to join. Go to, sign up for free in three easy steps and you could be making money and earning rewards as soon as today! It simply just makes cents… and lots of Shillings!