Surveys in South Africa that Pay

One would never have believed that, in a developing economy in Africa, something as basic as cooking oil would be on a price par with petrol or diesel per litre, with all three products being at an all-time high. Never in our country’s history has a shopping trolley of necessities ever cost as much.
Although this is really bad news for consumers, it has been an all too important lesson for companies that produce consumer goods and boast popular brands. Competition to remain on the shopping shelves is no longer a battle of the brands, it has now become a case of survival of the fittest. Where just last year, it was simply a scenario of remaining competitive, consumer goods-producing companies now have to compete on a street level and, knowing their target market and keeping in touch with their customers has never been more important.

Opportunity is Knocking

It is this economic spiral that we’re finding ourselves in where opportunities are abounding. The very company that you purchase from is now, more than ever, asking you for assistance. They want you to take part in surveys in South Africa that pay. So, if you’re feeling the pinch and you wish to assist your favourite brands to remain competitive without sacrificing quality, why don’t you consider joining a platform that offers surveys in South Africa that pay?
You won’t only be adding an unexpected revenue stream to your family’s income but doing surveys in South Africa that pay will pass on much-needed information about companies’ loyal consumers’ purchasing habits. These companies need to have your honest opinion on the standing of their products, and they are prepared to pay for your participation. Your feedback offers them a better understanding of your shopping preferences and habits. Should you decide to take part, your voice will count in the company’s marketing and product development strategies going forward.

Stay with the Tried and Tested

As with your purchasing habits, if you’re going to do surveys in South Africa that pay, stick with a tried and tested market research panel. MobiWorkX South Africa is a trusted company that has been doing market research and accumulating information for a host of different companies across a range of industries both in South Africa and other key African markets. MobiWorkX has been rewarding brand-new and return members since 2009. That’s 13 years of successful research and thousands of happy members.
Becoming a panellist is easy. It’s free. No up-front costs are involved and there is absolutely no risk to you to do surveys in South Africa that pay. We only ask that you invest some of your free time. If you have a smartphone or computer with an internet connection, you could be earning cash, rewards, vouchers or airtime from your very first questionnaire. With an interactive dashboard, you will be able to watch your earnings increase in real-time right from the very beginning.
All you have to do to get involved in completing surveys in South Africa that pay is to visit our website, answer a few simple questions and you’re on your way. We send you the questionnaires; you answer these questions honestly and complete the questionnaire in its entirety. Then, you sit back and wait for your rewards. Join today to tap into this opportunity!