Take Surveys Online for Rewards in Nigeria

Why would a consumer goods-producing or consumer services-providing company pay the person on the street to take surveys online? With a booming consumer market, there is no shortage of surveys online in Nigeria. If one understands that Nigeria is generally considered to be the most important consumer marketplace on the African continent, the need to poll the local consumer on their experiences of the consumer marketplace becomes self-evident.
The size of the Nigerian consumer market makes it extremely attractive to consumer goods producers and service providers. Global brands that are active in this lucrative marketplace, or wish to establish themselves in it, need to know what Nigerian consumers think and what they want to compete with other contenders to earn the attention of its unique consumers.
These companies appoint reputable outside market research panels, like MobiWorkX, to conduct consumer surveys on their behalf. Consumers develop opinions about the brands and products they encounter while doing their regular shopping. They indicate clearly what they like and what they don’t by the products they choose to buy and the ones they don’t. Marketing companies have worked out that the best way for them to gather the information they need for their customers is by making it easy and worthwhile for consumers to complete surveys online where they share their consumer experiences and opinions.

What Do Surveys Online Ask You About?

Marketing companies simply want you to share information about your day-to-day shopping activities with them because consumer goods-producing companies want information on consumer behaviour. In practice, this comes down to nothing more than them asking you what products you buy; which shops you choose to shop at; whether you’re satisfied with the products you buy, and what attracts you to one product rather than a similar product from a competitor. Surveys online provide an opportunity for you to voice your opinion to the companies that provide the services and make the products you consume all the time. Not only are you well-rewarded for sharing your opinion but you provide feedback that may improve your experience as a consumer going forward.

Who Offers the Best Paid Surveys Online for Nigerians?

There are a few things you need to know to get the most out of surveys online in Nigeria. One is that you will not qualify for every available survey. Specific campaigns may be targeted at specific demographic groups. For example, respondents for a particular survey may have to be male and between the age of 18 and 24. Luckily, there are plenty of questionnaires for anyone in Nigeria, irrespective of age (if you are over 18 years of age), gender or any other consideration.
MobiWorkX will offer you regular opportunities to earn cash and other rewards and make participating easy by notifying you when questionnaires are available. For example, Nigeria’s burgeoning entertainment and media (E&M) sector has companies actively competing for a slice of the pie. They are driven by competition to keep a finger on the pulse of the Nigerian E&M market on an ongoing basis. The need for ongoing information means that there are constantly new surveys online that can earn you cash and other rewards, such as discounts on products, free airtime, shopping vouchers and gift cards.

MobiWorkX is a Leading Market Research Panel

MobiWorkX is a panel for the well-established and respected Kantar company. We provide various brands with your feedback on how you think they’re performing with regard to your consumer needs. We compile surveys online to find out exactly what you, the local consumer, likes or doesn’t like about your favourite products and brands.
If you have a strong opinion about a brand and its product offering, share it with us and make your voice heard. If your fellow consumers hold similar opinions, you may just effect positive changes to the product or the way it’s presented.
MobiWorkX will offer you meaningful and appropriate rewards. We’ve been active since 2009, and operate in Nigeria and nine other African countries. We’ve paid out thousands of rewards to consumers like you and continue to do so. It is easy to participate, and you don’t need qualifications or experience to share your opinion. We will put rewards in your pocket that will come to make a real difference when you need it most. Join us today!MobiWorkX is a well-established and dynamic market research panel in Nigeria. We’ve made it our business to formalise the market research arena in Nigeria and a number of other African countries. This is why many consumer goods-producing companies are on our list of clients. They know that we provide a professional service and a constant flow of accurate data. Consumers who sign up with us to do surveys are well rewarded. Be a smart consumer, and join us to complete surveys for daily rewards today.