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Why MobiWorkX

At MobiWorkX, we value your opinion and reward you for your time.

You complete the surveys we send you and our clients get valuable data to help them make business decisions. We work with companies in all kinds of sectors: consumer goods, banking, telecom, automotive, travel and tourism, government and hospitality industries. People like you, as their customers, can air your views and opinions to keep them improving and developing their future products and services.

In return for your feedback, we will instantly reward you talk-time starting from US$ 3 to US$ 10 subject to the length of the survey.

Wow, I am excited and want to join you now, but how?

Joining MobiWorkX is simple and easy.

Once you complete the registration information, you will be notified on your mobile and/or email with the available self-completion surveys and you’re all set.

Our surveys can be accessed through virtually any mobile, laptop, tablet, phablet or PC.

Watch this short video to find out.